Workplace Injuries Need a Tough Santa Ana Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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When you go to work each day, you don’t expect to be injured on the job, but workplace injuries are very common. Every day, construction accidents, back injurieswarehouse accident, broken bones, factory injury and even repetitive motion traumas happen to workers in Los Angeles and Santa Ana. California labor laws require that every employer offers Workers’ Compensation insurance to their workers. Sadly, too many people injured on the job put up with workplace injuries and either don’t tell their bosses about it or agree to far less job injury compensation money than they deserve, so that they never truly recover.

The Time Limit to File Job Injury Claims Is Short — Call Us Today

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The Workers’ Comp benefit application process can take a long time, and job injury claims must be made within two years of injury. If you were injured at work, call a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation lawyer now at 866-436-7120 or contact us online for a confidential, free consultation.

Workers’ Comp insurance company attorneys and claims adjusters are not on your side, no matter how helpful they may seem at first. They have a team of attorneys doing all they can to make sure they pay out as little benefit compensation as possible to injured people like you. Adjusters can be end up being very intimidating, in fact, and try to “low-ball” injured employees, getting them to agree to a settlement that won’t cover all their occupational injury costs such as surgery, physical therapy, medication or ergonomic equipment that they need to fully heal. And once you sign their forms, that’s it. There is no more recourse, and you will not be able to get a penny more. Studies have shown that injured workers who go through the Workers’ Comp process without their own lawyer end up with half the amount they typically receive if they have a seasoned, aggressive Workman’s Comp lawyer on their side.

A Tough Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help You Can Get More Benefits

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California Law Associates believe that every employee should have safe workplace conditions and be fully compensated in the case of a job accident, workplace health hazard or occupational safety violations. But sometimes employees have their Workers’ Comp application denied or their Work Comp benefits are terminated early or they have Work Comp benefits cancelled. Los Angeles Workmans Compensation injury lawyers know that these benefits can mean the difference between making ends meet and financial catastrophe. Workplace injuries can sometimes cause long-term disability, if not permanent disability. It is vital that if you’ve been injured at work, you find out what benefits you can expect.

You Need a Diligent Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Santa Ana

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If you are suffering from a job-related accident injury, continual work trauma pain or occupational disease, don’t wait another moment. Call us right away, before you speak with any insurance company attorneys or adjusters. We may be able to help you on your path to financial and medical recovery. Your health is key to your ability to work, your career, livelihood and overall quality of life, particularly if you are supporting a family. Call California Law Associates today at 866-436-7120 or contact us online for a free consultation. Every conversation is completely confidential.

A Workplace Injury Santa Ana Workers' Comp Lawyer

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers’ Comp insurance is a standard business insurance coverage that helps employees recover from any type of on-the-job injury, work-related illness or occupational disease. It exists to help reduce hardship for injured workers, especially if they’re unable to work as they recover from work accident injuries and if they have dependents. Workers’ Compensation job injury claims have a time-limit, so if you were injured at work, call California Law Associates Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation lawyers now at 866-436-7120 or contact us online for a confidential, free consultation. Workmans Comp insurance is supposed to provide six benefits to anyone who is injured on the job: Medical care Temporary disability benefits Permanent

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Why You May Have a Workplace Injury

Every job is demanding, whether you work in a factory, an office, a restaurant, a hospital or in one of many outside jobs such as construction, farming or road work. Certain work-related accident injuries—from company car crashes or truck accidents, toxic spills, dangerous machinery accidents or falls from high places—require emergency medical attention. Other less drastic injuries can develop over time, however, and be so subtle that we may not even connect them to our work. After being at the same job for an extended period, however, it is easy for some workers to tolerate pain and health problems, shrugging them off as “just part of the job.” Such injuries may include nagging back

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