If You Have a Work Injury or Personal Injury in Santa Ana or Los Angeles, You Need a Tough Workers Compensation Lawyer

The attorneys at California Law Associates know how hard it is to be injured. Your life can change in an instant as a result of a workplace injury, a construction accident injury, a car accident injury, a slip and fall injury or a dog bite. Every type of injury is difficult, and we can help you pursue all the financial compensation and medical treatment deserve in order to begin recovering. Se Habla Español.

Personal Injury Attorneys in California Who Know How to Get Results

Our attorneys and staff have the experience and resources needed to handle some of the most complicated personal injury and workplace accident cases in California. Whether you need a Santa Ana car accident lawyer, a Los Angeles workers’ comp attorney or help with some other negligence matter, you can count on our law firm to fight for you every step of the way. We know insurance companies typically will try to keep payments to a minimum, but with an experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer in your corner, you will send a message to the insurance companies that you are serious about getting just compensation.

We have worked hard to earn a reputation for being accident attorneys in California who deliver desired results for clients. We emphasize personal service and integrity and are proud of our record.

Los Angeles Accident Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout California

Whether you experienced a strained back, repetitive motion injuries, or stress-related health problems, you can rely on an experienced lawyer who can protect your legal rights. We serve clients throughout the Golden State, including but not limited to those injured in Santa Ana and Los Angeles.

At California Law Associates, we are down-to-earth, compassionate and hard-working attorneys who understand the complicated Workers’ Compensation and personal injury legal process inside and out. We work for injured people like you, not insurance companies, and we can fight diligently for your rights. California Law Associates is the team you want by your side through any personal injury or Workers’ Compensation claims case.

Act Now—There is a Time Limit for Filing Job Injury Work Comp Claims

The Workers’ Comp benefit application process — sometimes known informally as “Workman’s Comp” or “Workmen’s Comp” — can take a long time, and Workers’ Compensation job injury claims must be made within one year of injury. If you were hurt on the job, call a Workers’ Compensation lawyer now at 866-436-7120 or contact us online for a confidential, free consultation. We know that if you have come to this site, you are trying to recover from an accident injury, ongoing chronic pain or emotional trauma. The kind and helpful staff at California Law Associates can guide you through the entire Workman’s Comp process, including dealing with insurance companies, which can be intimidating.

You Need a Powerful, Diligent Personal Injury Santa Ana Attorney

At California Law Associates, we offer a free consultation and the promise that every conversation is completely confidential. If you have suffered an injury on the job, we know that talking to your boss can be difficult, but we can help make the process go more smoothly and with less stress. Our kind and knowledgeable staff can assist you at every step. We speak Spanish and take pride in the hard work we do for each of our clients. Protect your rights with a renowned, aggressive personal injury lawyer. Call 866-436-7120 or contact us online today. Se Habla Español. We also speak Arabic, Urdu and Hindi, and have Vietnamese and Chinese translators available. 

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Common Workplace Injuries

When we think of common on-the-job injuries, a familiar list usually comes to mind: Back injuries from heavy lifting, defective factory equipment, power tools or falling off ladders; Repetitive motion injury, a debilitating ongoing pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic neck strain due to continuous trauma. This often requires occupational therapy and ergonomic improvements to your workstation. Construction accident injury, which can require surgery and long-term vocational therapy; Exposure to toxic fumes on the job, which can cause systemic diseases such as nerve damage; Factory and warehouse accidents that can force you out of work for months, if not years; Leg, knee and ankle injuries from power tools, chainsaws, faulty machinery or

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Los abogados de accidentes en California Law Associates proporciona representación con experiencia para la gente de habla española que resultaron heridos por causas ajenas a su voluntad. Si usted se lesionó por la negligencia de alguien y necesita un abogado para luchar por usted, comuníquese con nosotros hoy para una consulta gratuita. Hablamos español y estamos dedicados a ayudar a las personas a obtener la compensación que merecen y necesitan. Si usted necesita un abogado de habla española, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nuestro bufete de abogados para aprender acerca de sus opciones. Por favor, visite las siguientes páginas para aprender más sobre los tipos de casos que

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